Water Proof Mirror Nano Adhesive Magic Tape 


Make your Life Easy with this Nano Magic Tape

ThisNano Magic Tape is an effective, reusable tape with industrial quality thatcan hold and mount objects on a long-term basis. It can be used in your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen, your office, your meeting room.

It can also be used to repair or paste objects such as posters, picture frames, small tools, sticky pads, decorative patches, wall decorations, etc.It’s a perfect solution if you want to organize every space in your house in the most convenient way.

Product Features:

Easy to Cut

Cut easily to whatever size and length you like! To fulfill your needs, it can be extended, bent, and folded out of shape.

Sturdy and Durable

This traceless grip tape is made from the high-quality acrylic, double-sided, solid adhesive. High elasticity, good ductility for household and industrial gel grip tape.

Easy to Remove

With no residue or glue left, the double-sided transparent tape is easy to remove and will not damage the walls or surfaces.


It can be applied to ceramic tiles, glass, metal, plastic, etc.Nano Magic Tape is ideal for almost any smooth, clean, and dry surface.

Washable & Reusable

Nano Magic Tape is a washable tape. Wash it with warm water and dry it to recover its stickiness when it gets dirty.