Teeth Whitening Strips


Save Yourself Trips to the Dentists!

Do you want a smile that is up to 6 shades whiter?  After just a few uses, you're going to see the results of these Teeth Whitening Stripes! Having whiter teeth has never been so affordable

Reducing tooth sensitivity leads to less pain, allowing for a smoother, more comfortable experience of teeth whitening. In order to minimize sensitivity as much as possible,  these sensible Teeth Whitening Strips have been formulated.

Product Features:

Reduced Sensitivity Formula

Strong enough to eliminate stains, even for sensitive teeth, while being gentle enough. Make your teeth whitening method more pleasant with less pain caused.

For Daily Use

You can use it as often as you drink cups of coffee or glasses of red wine. Since it's Enamel Safe and certified non-toxic, you don't have to think twice about using it anytime you feel like your smile could use a glow.

Whitens without Sensitivity

Using potent oils to break up the stains, making the teeth smoother, cleaner, and lighter without stripping the enamel or causing tooth sensitivity.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Whiten teeth with no unpleasant chemical odor. Leave your flavor buds in heaven.

Instant Result

These professional-grade teeth whitening strips will quickly remove years of stains.