Self Defense Pocket Staff

A Perfect Companion for Self Defense

This portable  Pocket staff ensures your safety and you can use it as self-defense! In a matter of seconds, it extends. With its concealable shape, whenever you are in danger, you can secretly pop this out!

Easily put back the Pocket Staff into its tiny shape by twisting and pushing it down, locking it with the top pin.  It provides a great performance to be used for self-defense and training! It ensures your safety when popping it open and holding.

Product Features: 

Durable Material

It is high quality, sturdy, and durable for long-lasting use, allowing you to reuse and recycle multiple times.


It is portable and lightweight. It is concealable, just carry it around wherever you go to stay protected.

Easy to Operate

Simply click the button to unlock and release the staff. Point the staff away from your face and body to avoid being hit and ensure it comes out safely.

Widely Applicable 

It is ideal for practicing martial arts and self-defense. It is also ideal for professional magician and art stage performances.

Aerodynamic Shape

Spin this staff at any speed due to its unique shape.To increase the speed of rotation, it cuts off the surrounding air.