Long Range Walkie Talkie


Keep Safe Outdoors with Easy, Long Distance Communication

It might be a small tool but a must-have tool for everyone!Walkie Talkie is a two-way communication model that is used for communicating with other people easily for long travels. 

It is equipped with a powerful range that is very useful during emergencies.Communication is key to safety.

Product Features:

Frequency Range

It has an impressive frequency range that produces clear and crisp results for easy communication. 


It is portable and lightweight that allows you to freely place it on your belt, hang it, or hold it. 

Battery Capacity

It has excellent battery life that would last a long time, depending on the transmitting time and usage. 

Easy to Use Buttons

It features easy to use buttons. Each button has a specific function.Simply press the button to turn it on/off, switch and scan channels, and many more.

Wide Application

It is perfect for commercial or personal use. It’s ideal for company use such as security, maintenance, and construction companies. It is also ideal for long travels such as hiking, camping, and etc.