LED Handlebar Bicycle Light with Power Bank Function 

More Than Just Good Lights

Do you want to be safe in traffic, to see in total darkness, or do you want to keep your kids on the streets safer?This Bicycle Light is the solution! 90% of bicycleaccidents happen due to a lack of vision. With a light so bright, our lights will lead your path in total darkness.

Thelight will alert drivers and motorists and make your presence noticeable in any weather conditions, night and day.

Product Features:

Perfect For Bumpy Rides

Its mounting bracket makes it sturdy enough to hold the light to accompany you during your rough rides.

Safe For Everyone

In order to guarantee your safety and the environment, it undergoes stringent quality checks.


Your reliable partner for all your night bike adventures on the road, in the woods, or another hard terrain — you don't have to worry about your bicycle lights breaking down.


This bicycle light can be used as an emergency flashlight and is versatile enough for cycling, hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity.

Ultra Bright

Meet your perfect standards for the brightness of bicycle lights.