Heated Jacket


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  • EXCELLENT OVERALL WARMTH: Has 4 carbon fiber heating elements imported from Japan to surround the core part of the body, which has a good warming effect, and 3 kinds of adjustable temperatures are healthy and warm without harmful.This heating jacket can bring warmth and health to fathers, mothers, men and women and yourself in the cold winter. This is an gracious Christmas gift.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The careful design of this allows your daily activities to be unlimited. A good choice when traveling to and from the workplace. The mobile power bank has dual USB outputs and can also charge mobile electronic products when heating.
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL: Made of color fast 4 nylon, with built-in down cotton and heating pad to achieve good warmth. 
  • STYLISH AND WARM DESIGN: Filled with thick and full high-quality cotton and the detachable cap can keep warm and resist the cold wind. Even if the heating function is not used, it is a very warm jacket. It is suitable for all outdoor activities such as walking the dog, running, camping, fishing, skiing and so on in cold weather.
  • EASY TO CARE: Can be washed in the washing machine. Please remove the battery before cleaning.