Dog Pet Hair Trimmer

Make Home Grooming Easy!

Give your pets at home a comfortable and professional hair grooming experience. The dog's hair clippers feature high-quality high-carbon steel blades that remain sharper longer.

This Hair Clipper Dog Fur is best for dogs and other pets. The clipper quickly  cuts through even the thickest of coats, regardless of the coating thickness. These heavy-duty clippers work best for heavy to medium coats for small and large dogs.

Product Features:

Low Noise Design

When using, the dog clipper's noise is very low, so it won't scare your dog and you'll be able to  cut the fur easily and much quicker!

Safe and Sharp Blade

Our high carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming, offering snag-free cutting that provides a fun experience for your pet.

Easy to Clean

Our detachable blades are easily removable, making them easy to clean; simply remove the blades and run them under water to rinse off any excess pet fur or hair.

Easily Cuts Thick Coats

This effective dog clipper uses a superior spinning motor that is strong enough for dense coats and guarantees accurate cutting for dogs such as terriers, spaniels, and other breeds. Without a snag or tug, it can strip thick hair.


Achieve your dog’s perfect style with just a few swipes of our dog clipper.