Portable Neck Fan 


Your Best Companion during the Hot Season!

Feeling hot? You need to go outside to do your errands but tired of holding a regular portable fan? Feeling fucking hot? Are you tired of holding a standard portable fan? Do you have to go outside?

With this wearable neck fan, you can no longer feel the heat. Say goodbye to hot spells, sweating, and flushing.

This Portable Neck Fan is specially designed for you to place on your shoulder so you do not have to hold the fan. It is a fan that is of high quality and robust. During your workout, during the hot summer months or even just to cool down at your travel spot, you can enjoy the cool breeze!

Product Features:

Free your Hands

This hanging neck fan is hands-free, it helps you to hold your fan without using your hands. 


The neckband design makes you cool during hot seasons. It is lightweight and won't hurt your neck wearing it for a long time.

360° Rotation and Adjustable speed

This fan has two wind heads that can adjust the direction to 360°, you can adjust the speed level according to your preference.

Cooling Effect

Simulating the natural breeze in the hot summer helps you to feel relaxed and cool.

Widely Application

This fan is ideal for personal cooling, face, and body cooling during camping and office. It is also perfect for outdoor events such as travel, camping, festival, makeup, etc.