Knife Sharpener

Work Smarter in the Kitchen

Don't let this cutie's tiny size fool you.  This pint-sized tool is a working horse in the kitchen. Use this to sharpen your favorite knife quickly and conveniently in the comfort of your own home.

With just a few pulls through the coarse slot,  this gem sharpens battered and dull blades. It’s precision grinds a perfect sharpening angle.

Product Features:

Easy to Use

Press the sharpening knife down and pull it backwards.

Convenient and Durable

Large enough for careful handling and compact enough to fit into any kitchen cabinet.

High Quality 

Our knife sharpener is sure to be of the highest quality! Provide optimum output for a job. It'ssafer to use and works for all types of blades.

Ergonomic, Stylish design

This item is built for comfort as well. It offers a convenient, fast grip with an ergonomic handle. In most kitchens, it's the ideal complement!

Sharpens to Perfection

With a double-beveled edge with symmetrical angles on either side of the edge of the blade, making it effective for a range of foods and materials to be cut, sliced, and chopped.