360 Degree Automatic Garden Sprinklers


 Start Building Your Dream Garden!

This 360-degree Automatic Garden Sprinklers would bea good choice if you are tired of manually watering the garden and lawn, tired of the bites of mosquitoes in the watering process.

Whether you’re a green thumb or just trying to keep your grass alive,it’s far easier to water outdoor plants when you don’t have to stand there holding a trigger squeeze sprayer in the hot sun.

Product Features:

  • Fine Water Drops

This Water Sprinkler will give your lawn and gardens the TLC they need with a 360-degree range of motion.

  • Leisure & Entertainment

This versatile Water Sprinklers transform into a fun attraction for your kids and their friends to run around and cool down during those hot summer days. 

  • Wide Applications

Water Sprinkler is a perfect option for you to irrigate lawns, parks, trees, crops, and tall plants.

  • Easy to Use

This Water Sprinklers do not require any complicated installation process. Just attach it to your hose and start sprinkling away.

  • Environmental Friendly

Made of high-quality materials, the parts are environmentally friendly, robust, and not easy to remove.